New In Nigeria: GROUND- BREAKING RESEARCH BY FOREMOST RESEARCHER REVEALS The Secret 1 – Way Method That Completely Shrinks Prostate In 45 Days Or Less… No matter how acute or long you’ve Been Suffering From Prostate.

“I suffered from Prost@te Inflammation for 4+ years. What I am about to show you can save your life”.

More than 2200+ Nigerian Men Have Saved Themselves from the Pain and Suffering caused by Prostate Enlargement using a newly discovered Herbal Mixture and WITHOUT SURGERY.

Look, if you are a man in Nigeria above the age of 25, then what I am about to tell you is really important.

According to the intelligent doctors and researchers in the world,

And if you doubt that I speak the truth, here it is – the same thing – from one of the most reputable news sources…

The most confusing thing is that nobody knows how prostate cancer happens in men. Expert medical personnel say it is Inherited, due to genetics, or comes from aging. But the exact cause cannot be placed.


The bad thing about this is that as a man, there is no way for you to know things that you should avoid in order to stop or never experience prostate enlargement.


And when it comes, all you keep thinking about is when next you will need to urinate. Worst is that:

And when it comes, all you keep thinking about is when next you will need to urinate. Worst is that:

What is Happening?


See how a good prostate looks, and see how a BAD prostate looks (in that picture above) as if there are big boils and pus inside it. 

Do you want to continue going through that pain? 


Life with prostate enlargement is hard, uncomfortable, and difficult. Even sex with your woman cannot be enjoyed.


Imagine, making love to your woman, and when you want to release, all you feel is pain. How can you enjoy the same sex you enjoyed before?


Or you and your friends are at a good food spot, and suddenly you are so pressed you start going about looking for where to urinate. 


Or the inability to sit down at a place for long without standing up to go and urinate.

Nobody wants to go through that pain. That suffering and that difficulty caused by the prostate. No YOU, not your friendly NEIGHBOR.

Is there a permanent solution? 


The only product that more than 2200+ Nigerian Men say has helped them cure their prostate inflammation PERMANENTLY!

It is best for men who:

And yes, it is possible with this product!

IF we did not try it ourselves, or see thousands of Nigerian men coming back to tell us “Thank You”, then we will not brag.

See the testimonies. How can more than 2000+ people lie about the product if it is not working?


This is the BEST and ONLY prostate product in Nigeria that flattens enlarged prostate conditions from the root PERMANENTLY. The only one.

ProstineX gets rid of prostatitis and prostate enlargement, even when your doctor says otherwise.


ProstineX is made from natural ingredients that cure recognized forms of prostate challenges. 


I remember when I was dealing with prostate. It was difficult. Every day felt miserable. I wished I had a solution like this one at that time when it started for me. 


Prostate complications nearly cost me my life.


When I saw the signs of my prostate, I didn’t care or give it too much attention. I just thought maybe it would sort itself out. Gradually, the signs grew worse. Then I had to visit a pharmacy where I received treatment drugs.


They worked. The pains stopped, but only for about two weeks. Then they started again. I remember visiting that pharmacy several times to request the same drugs. After some time, I gave up. 


I knew this thing wasn’t working and needed a better solution. 


I found ProstineX on Facebook weeks later and decided to try one pack. After the first few days, I didn’t notice any changes. But I continued, hoping, and trying. After seven days, everything happened like magic. 


Honestly, that was the end. I never suffered from prostate again. I continued using ProstineX till it finished because I didn’t want any more of the old stories.

NOW, you have the same opportunity!


If you decide to buy ProstineX today, you will be one of the lucky people in Nigeria to enjoy the 50% discount promo!

That is, we are reducing the price of ProstineX by 50%. We are doing this because we want to celebrate the lives of more than 2200 men who came back to us, thanking us for saving their lives, relationship, marriage, and even improving their sexual confidence.

For Today ONLY, the price of ProstineX Mixture is,


After today, we are returning that to the original price


You also get to enjoy FREE delivery to any location in Nigeria. Our delivery agents will deliver your products to you right at your home (or your chosen location).


If you buy up to 3 packs of ProstineX, you will get one completely free. For buying up to three packs, you get a complete package for free. You can gift the rest of the packs to your friends.

You can also choose to try one pack first and see if it is as powerful as everybody is saying.

It is up to you.

However, these bonuses are only available for today. After today, there will be no discount and no bonuses.

We have only about 170 products left in our Lagos warehouse. After we exhaust that, ProstineX will not be available for some months, and the price may increase afterward. That’s why we want you to take the opportunity now!


It does not matter how long you have been battling with the prostate. Some men who testify have suffered from prostatitis for nearly eight years. But now, they are free.

What we deliver is a permanent solution.

If more than 2200 men have come back to testify of this miracle mixture to cure prostate conditions permanently, why will it not work for you?

IMAGINE waking up tomorrow night, and you can already feel relief when you urinate.

IMAGINE only two weeks from today, you regain your comfort when urinating and better sexual stamina when you meet your woman in the other room.

That is what ProstineX will do for you.



You may have tried other products that didn’t work or give you a permanent solution. ProstineX is not like that. It cures prostate problems in your body from the root.




If you buy ProstineX and it doesn’t work for you after ONLY 30 days, you are free to call us and ask for your money back immediately.

We will send your money within 48 hours. We don’t want your money if you are unhappy with the product.


We have never had this situation before, but you can be the first.


Note:  ProstineX was produced under the guidance of top doctors and is recognized by NAFDAC. We guarantee you will have no health complications from using this product.


Enjoy Massive Promo Discounts When You Buy Today!!!

Promo! Promo!! Promo!!!

1 Packs = N18,000 Instead of N30,000

2 Packs = N30,000 Instead of N50,000

3 Packs FREE = N40,000 Instead of N65,000

4 Packs= N57,000 Instead of N75,000

Free yourself from constant urination. Free yourself from the pain of not being able to live a comfortable life. Free yourself from feeling pain during ejaculation.

It’s possible.

Take control of your Life and Live Free and Comfortale as a Man without Prostatitis.

Shrink that prostate today.



Please Note Before You Place an Order!


  • Do not order if you don’t have cash to receive your order ASAP. Do not order if you are traveling and there is no one to receive on your behalf.
  • Do not order if you do not understand this article you just read, Or you simply want to test and see if it works. Don’t do that please
  • Do not order for someone except you informed them or they asked you to do so.
  • Do not order if you do not answer calls from new callers. We will need to call you and confirm your order.
  • Do not order if you are doubting what you read.
  • If you have any verification to do, or you want to consult with your doctor, please do so before making your order.


We incur a lot of costs to cover the delivery of this product across Nigeria. So to avoid wasting time and resources, we plead with you to order ONLY if you are ready for this product.

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